Focus on your future

Retirement is just the beginning. It’s your time to live well. That’s why some portion of your retirement income should be dependable and predictable.

And while you may be on the path to saving for the future, there are some factors out of your control that create uncertainty. Markets can be volatile, you may live longer than you now imagine and the effect of inflation on your buying power can be unpredictable. Your qualified retirement plan and Social Security may not provide enough income to meet your long-term needs.

An annuity from Great-West Financial® can make a difference. By focusing on replacing your income in retirement, you can plan for a more meaningful future.

What is a variable annuity?

A variable annuity is a long-term, tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle that allows you to invest in a wide selection of investment options that are wrapped inside of an insurance contract. It provides an easy, convenient way to supplement the money you receive at retirement from Social Security, your retirement plan at work and your personal savings.

What can a variable annuity do for me?

Variable annuity products

Great-West Smart Track Advisor Variable Annuity

Smart Track Advisor is a fee-based product that provides tax-deferred investment growth potential and lifetime retirement income — the best of both worlds. Smart Track Advisor is available through our trusted network. Contact your financial professional to learn more.

Discover how the Smart Track Advisor can help you to and through retirement.

Schwab Advisor Choice Variable AnnuityTM

A low-cost, flexible solution available for non-qualified and qualified accounts.2, 3

The Schwab Advisor Choice Variable Annuity is available exclusively through Charles Schwab. Discover how Schwab Advisor Choice Variable Annuity can help you feel more confident about planning for your retirement.

Schwab OneSource Choice Variable AnnuityTM

More investment choices, guaranteed income4, and protection for your beneficiaries.

The Schwab OneSource Choice Variable Annuity is available exclusively through Charles Schwab. Learn how Schwab OneSource Choice Variable Annuity can help you take charge of your retirement.

Variable annuities are sold by prospectus only. Variable annuities are long-term investments and may not be suitable for all investors. Any withdrawals of earnings prior to age 59½ may be subject to income tax and a 10% penalty. A withdrawal charge may also apply.

Important Disclosures

Guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the insurer.

1 Funds may impose redemption fees and/or transfer restrictions if assets are held for less than the published holding period. For more information, see the fund's prospectus and/or disclosure documents.

2 Base annuity fee of 0.65% or 0.85% with the return of premium death benefit option, as compared to the industry average of 1.31%, according to a March 4, 2019, Morningstar® survey of 2,239 variable annuities. This fee does not include the optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit or underlying investment options. The underlying investment options carry an additional fee known as an operating expense (OER).

3 The decision to purchase an annuity in a qualified plan or IRA should not be based on the annuity's tax-deferred accrual feature as the qualified plan or IRA itself already provides this.

4 All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company. Schwab does not provide any insurance guarantees.

Variable annuities and variable life insurance products are long-term investments and may not be suitable for all investors. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed and may be subject to a 10% additional tax if withdrawn before age 59½. Investments in these products are subject to fluctuating values of the underlying investments options, including the possible loss of principle.

There are fees and charges associated with variable annuities which include, but are not limited to mortality and expense risk charges, sales withdrawal charges, surrender charges, administrative fees, charges for optional benefits as well as charges for the underlying investment options. The guaranteed income benefit is provided through an optional rider for an additional fee, goes into effect upon the purchase of units of a covered fund and is paid for through the sale of units of the covered fund(s), which reduces the annuity account value. Partial withdrawals will decrease the death benefit and cash value.

Interstate Compact contract form numbers ICC16–J100 Series, ICC14–J465/J465 Series, ICC14–J466/J466 Series (Individual Flexible Premium Variable Annuity), ICC16–AM–SIF, ICC16–AM–SIP, ICC16–AM–SIM (Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Riders are issued by GWL&A. GWL&A is not licensed to do business in New York. In New York, contract form numbers J100ny, J465ny, J466ny (Individual Flexible Premium Variable Annuities) SIF–AMny, SIP–AMny, SIM–AMny (Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Riders) are issued by GWL&A of NY. Contracts may not be available in all states.